When I See
You Coming

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“I’m wasting my time , just digging around, This is the first offering for a long time. What does it mean? I don’t know, make your own mind up, could it be about your state of mind? Could it be about your time in life? Could it even be about Karma, maybe the feeling of dread you feel when you know you’ve been rumbled? Or could something fantastic just be around the corner? Who Knows?, it’s about what ever you want it to be about, even the obvious if that’s what floats your boat.. “

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" Chilled out in your face "

-John Doe [National post]


When I See You Coming

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Rob Foster


Born in the Seventies, grew up in the nineties, haven’t yet come of age. Music is a calling, i care about it passionately, i haven’t ever fallen out of love with it, it’s what makes me tick. Yes i may be old, even more reason to get it out there, leave something behind, so to speak.

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